About Us

      Wuhan Wanzhong Construction Labor Co., Ltd. owns 13.8 million Yuan RMB of registered capital, has more than 3000 building workers, over 200 administrive staffs, over 160 technical personnel, 92 electricians, 83 machine operators, and owns more than 300 construction equipments and testing equipments. It is a comprehensive construction labor company with strong professional skill, rich construction experience and solid strength.

      The company owns several subcontracting qualitifications, including: building template work, scaffold work, concrete work, paint work, steel bar work, welding work, water heating and electricity installation, etc. We can accept various complex and difficult constructional engineering projects.
      For years' effort, our construction engineering projects cover Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and other regions. The company has successively built several projects as Wuhan International Expo Center, Guanggu New World, Heji Huangpu, Jiquqiao Wanda Plaza, Weifang Hongrun 1st-stage, Yantai Desheng, etc. The percent of pass is 100%, and the excellent rate is above 60%. The company has been evaluated as 'Excellent Service Enterprise', 'Excellent Cooperating Organization' and 'Top-10 Professional Sub-contractors'. In 2008, Ge Taicai, the president, was named the board of director by Chinese Construction the 3rd Engineering Bureau Labour Association.
      The company insists on the quality policy of 'scientific management, innovative technology, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement', and on the enterprise spirit of 'solidarity and struggle, promote the enterprise development by technology, keep pace with the times, exploration and innovation'. We strive to offer comprehensive and high-quality services based on scientific management, strict quality standard, and perfect technical level.
      Facing the new situation and task, we put forward the ambitious objective of 'create exquisite products, establish great work'. We strive to open a new chapter of construction labor in China!
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